How To Hide Desktop All Desktop Icons In Single Click and Create Windows 7 Like – Show Desktop In Windows XP and Vista

Windows XP is by far still the preferred Windows OS by home users, because of the long gap between Windows 7 and Windows Vista’s high performance requirements.Windows 7 does have some very useful features that makes users interaction minimal.

One such feature is the “Show Desktop”, which is to the right of the taskbar and not part of the “Quick Launch”.If you would like to have the “Show Desktop” to the right of the taskbar and increase the Taskbar space by removing the “
Quick Launch” then you can try the portable app “Show Desktop”.

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Another simple feature that many bloggers especially if you want to record screencasts would be to hide the desktop icons in a single click and be able to restore the desktop icons with the same desktop icon layout.emptydesktop

EmptyDesk is a portable app with 2 simple buttons, “Clear Desktop” to hide all desktop icons and “Show Desktop” to restore the desktop icons with the layout intact.It is compatible with all Windows OS versions.

If you are a Mac OS user then there’s Camouflage.

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