How To Hide All Open Tabs In Google Chrome At Once

If you are trying to browse internet at your office, you sure don’t want somebody look at what you browsing or wanna panic buttonpretend your not browsing by closing or minimizing the tabs/windows, which still can be seen while your not at the seat from the browser history.

Here’s Panic Button a really good Google Chrome extension, that can hide all open tabs leaving a blank page or a user defined URL opened up.All hidden tabs can be restored with a single click and the hidden bookmarks are stored in the other bookmarks folder and can be seen password protected to unhide them.

panic button3

To set a password, open up the “Panic Button Options” page and select “Yes” under Password protection and next enter a password of your choice, similarly you can also enable the keyboard shortcut, which is by default “ESC”, and cannot be user defined.

panic button4

To restore the tabs press the Panic Button again, which also shows the tab count ie., the the number of tabs hidden or press the keyboard shortcut button.

If you know of any such plugin for other browsers just share with us by commenting.

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