How To : Place Adsense After The First Post

With many way monetize a blog, we need to place our ads in different positions, one place is the right after the first post on the homepage.To place a banner or an adsense ad right after the first post follow these steps.

  • Open your index.php or home.php based on your WP Theme
  • Look for these lines of code

    <?php if (have_posts())

      • Before that add these lines of code

        <?php $count = 1; ?>

    • Next find, this line

    <?php the_content() ?>

  • After that line, add these lines of code

    <?php if ($count == 1) : ?>
    Adsense/Banner Ad Code Goes Here
    <?php endif; $count++; ?>

    You can also change the count value in Step 3 and 5, to 2 if you want to have the ad after the 2nd post.

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    1. Venkat Post authorReply

      @RockStar Sid : This is something I learnt recently and wanted to share with you all.

      @Nirmal: Thanks for the comment nirmal, I hope you release your old theme it was really a nice theme.

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