How To Share a Draft In WordPress With Friends For Limited Time

wordpress If you are a blogger there might have been instances where you might have wanted to share a draft with your friends for suggestion even before it is publish so that you can make improvements, but the problem is that there is no real easy way to share drafts with external user with no rights like that of a registered users.

Share a Draft is a WordPress Plugin that lets you share you drafts by creating a temporary post url for the draft post.Similar to disposable email id, administrators can set a time duration for which the the draft will be accessible, the time set can also be extended from the plugins options page.

Here’s how to setup Share A Draft WordPress Plugin

  • Download, Install and Activate the plugin
  • A new option “Share A Draft” should be available under “Posts Tab” in the WordPress Admin

The Share A Draft Options Page lets users keep track of shared drafts or share new drafts or extend the time of old shared drafts.


How To Share a Draft In WordPress

  • To share a draft, Select the Drafts from the drop down menu and choose one
  • Set the time for which the draft should be accessible
  • and Click “Share it”.

Now you can find a new entry under the “Currently Shared Drafts” and the link which you can share with your friends to access the post with anyone and would look like any other post.

I think this is a default option in WordPress and in WordPress MU with an option to share the draft with the selected friends which would be very useful.Nevertheless a very good plugin.

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Do share your thoughts on this plugin. 🙂

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