How To Show File Type Linked To In Your Posts In WordPress

URL’s can be internal, external to a site or URL’s pointing to a specific file type.But not all user’s are not aware of the link.Link Indication is a wordpress plugin that can add CSS class attributes to external links and optionally specific attributes to any other link or file type.

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The plugin adds a new attribute to the hyperlinks on the blog, and supports the following link types with different CSS styles for each link type.

  • External links: General links to external websites such as, etc.
  • FTP links: Links to FTP server (ftp://…).
  • mailto links: E-mail links, e.g.
  • Internal links: All internal links.
  • Image links: All links containing an image (<img> tags inside the <a> tag).

It also supports user defined file type links to either External URL or File Extension.


The CSS can be defined for example as below in the link-indication_style.css file in the plugin folder or optionally in your theme’s CSS file.

a.lidoc { padding-right: 12px; background: url(images/doc.png) no-repeat right; }

The link indication can be selective applied to either

  • to content and comments [default]
  • to content only and not to comments
  • to the entire blog incl. header, sidebar, footer, etc.

The plugin can also add Websnapr preview thumbnails, ‘nofollow’ attribute and target=”_blank” to the hyperlinks.

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