How To Track and Get Notified When Google Bot Crawls Your Site

Did you start your first blog, website then you are sure loaded its content and waiting for Google Bot to crawl the site and start indexing your content, but the problem is that won’t know when the Google crawled.Though you there are other ways ways to track Google Bot activity like by using the Google WebMaster Tool, but that requires manual monitoring.

Also Checkout –

Google Index Spy – To keep track of which pages Google Bot’s crawled and indexed


If you want instant notification via email as and when the Bot crawls your site then you can try installing the Google Bot Bling WordPress Plugin.If you have a busy site and the Google Bot crawls your site more frequently then you might start receiving a lot of email, instead all the emails can be grouped and sent across in a single email at a scheduled time.The plugin can also create a secret report file(.txt) about the crawl stats which can be easily accessed on your server and viewed.

This can be a handy plugin to keep track of the Google Search Bot activity on your site.

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