How To Track Bandwidth Usage On Android Phone

With 3G networks available browsing the internet on the move using multimedia phones is very easy, but unfortunately operators donโ€™t provide unlimited browsing plan on 3G networks and keep a monthly cap on the usage and there is no easy way of knowing how much bandwidth was used as there is no log of it on the phone.

NetCounter is a network traffic counter for the Android platform that can display your network traffic consumption.the bandwidth counter works on EDGE/3G and Wi-Fi networks.In case you exceed your monthly limit the app alerts in case you cross your monthly limit.

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Dynamic counters for different networks can be added, modified and removed for example “Total”, “Last 30 days”, “Last 7 days”, etc.,All the data is stored on your phone itself andย  the data can be exported/import to/from the SD card in CSV format.The application also restarts automatically incase you restart your phone.

Download NetCounter for Android

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