How To Track Bandwidth Usage On Android Phone

With 3G networks available browsing the internet on the move using multimedia phones is very easy, but unfortunately operators don’t provide unlimited browsing plan on 3G networks and keep a monthly cap on the usage and there is no easy way of knowing how much bandwidth was used as there is no log of it on the phone.

NetCounter is a network traffic counter for the Android platform that can display your network traffic consumption.the bandwidth counter works on EDGE/3G and Wi-Fi networks.In case you exceed your monthly limit the app alerts in case you cross your monthly limit.

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Dynamic counters for different networks can be added, modified and removed for example “Total”, “Last 30 days”, “Last 7 days”, etc.,All the data is stored on your phone itself and  the data can be exported/import to/from the SD card in CSV format.The application also restarts automatically incase you restart your phone.

Download NetCounter for Android

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