How To Turn Off Laptop LCD Monitor and Save Battery Power

Global Warming is a very growing concern and the climatic conditions on Earth have something to do with it, which even the Governments and Corporate companies are accepting and encouraging moving to the Greener fuels and reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and using alternative energy sources and computers are the most used devices and most of the power consumption wasted is while they are left idle.

TurnOff Montior

Desktops and LCD monitors have a power off button using which we can manually power off the monitor which most users don’t but when it comes to the laptops or net books there is no power button to switch off the monitor on the laptop and save battery life which would help save lot of battery power while running on battery.

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Here’s Turn Off LCD a simple app that helps turn off the LCD Monitor off your laptops with a single click, and the monitor can be switched on instantly by any key press or moving the mouse.The tool is a portable app and was developed in C# and requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed on your machine.

How To Use :

  • Download and Unzip the archive
  • Double click “Turn Off LCD.exe” to turn off your monitor.
  • To switch your monitor back on, just press a key or move the mouse

You can place a shortcut on your desktop, Quick Start or incase you don’t keep a QuickStart you can try Dock like xWindowsDock and add the application to it for easier access.

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The app is compatible with the Windows OS.

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