Identify and Download Device Drivers For CPU/Motherboard/Video Card/Sound Card with 3DP Chip

Not sure about your systems hardware configuration, which can make it difficult to download the device drivers for the CPU/Motherboard/Video Card/Sound Card.The next time your in doubt just use 3DP Chip, which is a portable app that can Identify CPU/Motherboard/Video Card/Sound Card and download the latest or suitable drivers for your device.


3DP Chip shows the following information about the installed components a system and download the latest drivers.

  1. CPU
  2. Motherboard
  3. Video Card
  4. Sound Card
  5. CPU Clock Speed
  6. Installed Memory
  7. Installed OS

To update a device drive just click on “Drive” beside the component.3DP Chip works with Windows OS only.

Download 3DP Chip

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