Increase Your Windows Clipboard Size To 25 Using 101 Clips.

Windows Clipboard has the biggest restriction of only holding 1 copied text/image before it is overwritten by the next copy, but this can be overcome by using 101 Clips which increases you Windows Clipboard by 25 times.

101 Clips starts with Windows and sits in the system tray and stores items the 101 Clips clipboard.It can store both text and images and all the old clipboard items can be seen by bringing up 101 Clips application from the system tray and by hovering the mouse over the cell.It can copy/paste text to and from all applications.It can hold the last 25 items of clipboard history.When you copy the 26th item it discard the 1st item.


In case the clip is a huge, you can mouse over the cell to preview the cell contents in the Preview Window.You can also edit the clipboard contents by Right Clicking the Clip Cell and selecting Edit.

To paste an item from 101 Clips, Place the cursor in the application where you want to paste the text for Ex. Word Doc and bring up 101 Clips from system tray and click on the cell in 101 Clips that you want to paste.You can also set keyboard shortcuts for common functions like paste from the application.[ Tools – > Options ].

Download : 101 Clips

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