Increase Your Windows Clipboard Size With ClipDiary

Windows clipboard can hold only one copy of data at a time and gets over written by newer data, when the user copies a new text and the user cannot retreive old data that was in the clipboard.Able to store more than 1 item in the clipboard can be handy incase you need to a copy-paste recursively.

Clipdiary is a free utility which can store old clipboard entries as clipboard history in a database from which the old clipboard entries can retrived/viewed/used later to paste it into any application.


HotKey Combinations –

  • Pressing the key combination of Ctrl + D present the clip history in any application.
  • Text in the clipboard can be pasted as plain text by pressing “Ctrl+Shift+V”.
  • To paste previous item in the Clipboard History – “Ctrl+Shift+Up”.
  • To paste next item in the Clipboard History – “Ctrl+Shift+Down”.

On Pressing Ctrl+shift+Up/Down the content from the history is copied onto the clipboard, just press “Ctrl+V” to paste it.

Clipdiary can store data of several formats: plain text, RTF (Rich Text Format) and bitmap images (BMP).

There’s also a portable version of Clipboard Manager which can be carried along on USB Drives requiring no installation and works as standalone application.

ClipDiary is compatible with Windows OS.

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    Madhur Kapoor » thanks for your comment, your right its really a productive tool

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