How To Manage and Insert SlideShows In Posts and Pages In WordPress

Most wordpress themes have featured posts slideshows which are based on JQuery and is limited to just the homepage and limited to the same posts if implemented across the template, but they cannot be inserted into the posts or pages.WPS3Slider is a wordpress plugin that lets users create multiple slider galleries and include multiple galleries on any post and page with customization option with each slideshow like of number of slides, size of the images, text on mouseover in slideshow etc.,The plugin makes use of the jQuery, s3Slider and timthumb script for resizing images and also to render multiple galleries on your WordPress blogs.

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Here’s how to insert slider galleries using wps3slider.

  1. First Upload the plugins to your wordpress installation’s plugins folder and then activate the plugin.
  2. Next navigate to “Media –> WPS3lider”One should find 2 tabs Galleries and Add item.wps3slider
  3. Under Add Galleries Tab Click “ Add Gallery” button to create and configure a new gallery.wp3slider
  4. Next click “Add Items” tab to add items like Image,Image Link, Overlay Message and Span Location to the created Gallery.
  5. To insert the gallery in a post or page, in the post editor click on the s2slider icon next click on “insert” to insert the gallery in a post or page from the list of created galleries and from the list of gallery click “insert” for the gallery you want to insert, next from the popup window copy the shortcode and insert the shortcode into the post under the HTML Editor.wps3slider-insert-gallery
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If you want to place a gallery within your template files,so that you can insert gallery in the homepage or sidebar.

Here’s how to do it., place the following code in your wordpress template files

do_shortcode(‘[wps3 id=”1″]’);


  1. mark shirley Reply

    The screen shot does not match up to the download this confusing

    you have download s3slider that doesnt have the options you describe with wps3slider

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