Install Themes and Visual Styles In Windows Easily Using Windows Themes Installer

Every user wants to have a desktop that’s different from their friends Windows theme’s are few and if you like a Windows theme created by a third party developer you need to patch Windows systems files to make such themes work on your Windows machine.

DeviantArt is one such place where you can find some really good desktop themes and visual styles for your Windows Machine but applying them on your machine needs some know how about how to patch your system and what files to replace for the theme to work.


Windows Themes Installer developed by Kishan Bagaria makes it easy to install, change, remove themes on Windows.It can automatically patch the system files for installing themes created by 3rd party developers without the need of a 3rd party system file patcher and in case it finds the user has already patched the system files it does nothing.The options are easy to navigate and apply.

It allows changing 5 files for the themes, .theme, explorer.exe, OobeFldr.dll, ExplorerFrame.dll and Shell32.dll

To apply a theme select the theme which you want to apply from the list and click on the “Apply Theme” button and make sure to create a restore point before using the application as the application might replace Windows default file to patch for 3rd party theme to work.

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Though themes come with their own wallpaper, but just incase a user wants to change the wallpaper an options to do so within the same application might be useful as well.

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