KeepNote – Maintain ToDo Lists, Take Notes and Organize Them Easily

Notepad was the prominent note taking app but the problem with Notepad is that to if the data gets huge keeping track of data in Notepad is tough and if multiple notepads are created it gets tough to organize data.KeepNote is wonderful little app that lets you create note and also organize them into different folder and also move note across different folders easily from within a single window, instead of opening multiple windows.


KeepNote has full rich text editor for formatting text and also include images into your notes.If you have many notes user’s can also do full-text search, to retrieve any note for later reference.KeepNote is implemented in Python and PyGTK) and stores all your notes in simple and easy to manipulate file formats (HTML and XML).All the notes can also be exported and/or imported easily.

It also has inbuilt screen capture tool to capture any region.To insert a screen capture into a new, Click on “Edit –> Insert Screenshot” or Press “Ctrl+Insert”.To insert image into the page, Click on “Edit –> Image”.Similar to email attachments,attachments can also be added to notes/pages, like for example code file, image file etc., 

KeepNote Features :

  • Rich-text formatting
    • Bullet point lists
    • Colored font
    • Inline images
    • Hyperlinks
  • Hierarchical organization for notes
  • Full-text search
  • Integrated screenshot
  • File attachments
  • Integrated backup and restore
  • Spell checking (via gtkspell)
  • Auto-saving
  • Built-in backup and restore (archive to zip files)
  • Extensions (i.e. “plugins”)

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Notes are auto saved every 10sec default, this can be changed from the settings page, which can be accessed from    “Edit –> Preferences”.Helper application ie., external application to use for opening file types from within Preferences for File Launcher, File Explorer, Browser, Image Editor, Text Editor, Image Viewer, and Screenshot.

Similar to today’s browser KeepNote can be extended in functionality using extensions, though currently the extensions are in a infant stage.

KeepNote is compatible across different platforms ie., Linux, Windows, MacOS X.

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