Link Counter – Count The Number Of Internal And External Links

Links play a very important part in SEO, both internal links as well as external links.Have a count of links of a web page and frames. Group and highlight links by type.

Features :

  • Links type to count/group: empty, files, targets, anchors, feeds, javascripts, mails, ‘xfiles’, internal and external.
  • Highlighting making a color difference in the link type.
  • Auto-highlight on every page load.
  • Open links locations, copy to clipboard as text or HTML.
  • Check links status including 2xx, 3xx, 4xx and 5xx.

The Add-On sits in the statusbar initially showing “LC” once the webpage loads its shows the total links in the page, right click on the number shows more option like below.



Link Updated : Download the Add-On from here. ( The addon is no longer available in the Mozilla Addons Page).You can try out – Simple Links Counter which provides similar functionality.

Note : You can try the experimental addon, because the addon has not been updated by the developers and works with Firefox: 1.5 – 2.0.0.*.

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  1. Amit Bhawani Patel Reply

    Hey Avinash, just wanted to update you that 2 contexual programs are not allowed in a single page, make sure you check out that policy and remove bidvertisers.
    Or else adsense can get banned , though you can try on your own risk.

  2. Avinash Post authorReply

    @Amit Bhawani Patel » Thanks Amit for pointing that out, will look into it.

    @Nirmal » hope you like.

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