Lock Your Desktop Securely With SecureIt Pro

You can lock your desktop with the Windows Shortcut [ Win + L ], but if you a bit more secure system that also disables some important Windows Keys like, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Alt+Tab, the Windows key, and the Ctrl+Esc key combination.Then SecureIt Pro can do it.Its a free tool as well.


Features :

  1. Ability to block out offensive words from messages; to stop certain people from leaving messages,
  2. Setting the background appearance while SecureIt Pro is locked.
  3. Setting multiple passwords so that more than one user can unlock SecureIt Pro,
  4. Password protect the main interface and settings.
  5. Ability to set password reminders if you tend to forget passwords often.
  6. Keydisk feature provides for more security by using a disk as a ‘key’ to lock and unlock SecureIt Pro.
  7. Lock the settings, so that others don’t change the settings of the tool.
  8. Easily Lock the the desktop, using the QuickSecure and QuickLock features.

Software Requirements : Visual Basic 6 Runtime

SecureIt Pro : HomePage | Download | Support

Via — Nirmaltv

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