How To Setup Popular Mac OS Features In Windows OS

Every OS has its distinct features like the Aero Effects in Windows Vista, Super Bar in Windows 7, Mac OS has the dock, Linux Open Source etc., some features like the Icon Dock in Mac OS are very user friendly and there are quite a few free software that mimic the same functions for other OS.

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maComfort is a freeware application that brings the most popular and user friendly features of Mac OS to Windows OS.maComfort starts automatically with Windows and runs in the background right from the Windows Startup. Here’s the list of all Mac OS features that maComfort brings to Windows

  • Quicklook – preview files by pressing spacebar.
  • Mac Hotkeys – Use all the same hotkeys as Mac OS with just the simple change of using Windows Key instead of Command Key.
  • Mac Key Combinations – Key combinations like Mac OS
  • Spaces – Intuitive virtual desktops with easy switching.
  • Active Corners – Program the screen corners to toggle a specific action.
  • Sound Control – keyboard shortcuts for sound control.

Incase you want only a few features of Mac OS, then you can try these apps which mimic the features in Mac OS in Windows OS –

More functions can be added alongside the default functions of maComfort using addons, the plugins add a few more Mac OS features to Windows like Expose, RK Launcher, RocketDock, Y’z Shadow, etc.,

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The user interface can also be customized using the Themes.

maComfort is compatible with Windows OS.

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