Make Your XP Look Like Mac OS X Leopard

Mac OS X Leopard Transformation Pack will transform your Windows XP user interface to Mac OS X Leopard.This mods pack will change some parts that cannot be change by any software programs.

This mods pack include:
– explorer.exe
– shell32.dll
– xpsp2res.dll
– mydocs.dll
– msgina.dll


Important notes from Author :

  • Please make backup before replace your system files.
  • These files can only work in Windows XP SP2 (English version ONLY).
  • Only do in SAFE MODE.

Download Mac OS X Leopard Transformation Pack.

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  1. Helpboy Reply

    Can you please help me. idk how to install it. can you please make an installer. i want this so bad but idk how to install it!!

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