How To Minimize Application Windows To A Single Tray Icon In Windows

Application windows minimized in Windows are minimized to the taskbar by default, and windows of the same applications are also grouped together but if you are working with multiple applications then your taskbar gets cutter and switching windows using Alt+Tab also needs skipping unnecessary windows.

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Minime is a stand alone portable application that can minimize all applications to the system tray and all minimized applications are kept under a single icon instead of Multiple icons for different applications giving more space in your tray icon.


Download, unzip and run the executable. When you run it you will get a new icon in your system tray.It can also be set to start automatically with the Windows Startup, to enable this just click on the Minime trayicon.Select “Options”, next check “Launch Minime when Windows Starts”.

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  • minime-options

    In the options windows user can also set the Keyboard hotkeys for minimizing and restoring all windows.This app is a must have if you have multiple windows opened at the same time while you work

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