MuPDF – LightWeight Portable PDF Reader

muPDFIf you ever tried opening a PDF file in a web browser, it’s likely going to freeze the browser as the browser tries to openup the PDF in the default PDF Reader application, but MuPDF is an lightweight PDF reader that has almost all the features of a full fledged pdf reader that reproduces the PDF as a printed page on screen.

It also maintains :

  • The interactive links, bookmarks,
  • PDF Encryption,
  • Extracts fonts, images, and searchable text, and
  • Renders pages to image files.

The lightest version is only 1MB with only 1 font ie., standard Roman fonts.A version with full CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) including an Asian font is 5MB.

This is portable and also faster and has a smaller footprint than other common PDF Readers like Adobe PDF Reader, Foxit PDF Reader, etc.,


There’s also a Firefox addon that lets you view PDF files in Firefox with MuPDF on Windows OS.To install the addon visit MuPDF Firefox addon, click “Install” and add as a trusted site for allowing the addon installation.

MuPDF Shortcut Keys :

  • L, R – Rotate page in 90° increments
  • +, – : Zoom in and out
  • W :Shrink wrap window
  • N, space – Next page
  • B, backspace  – Previous page
  • Shift-N – Skip 10 pages forward
  • Shift-B – Skip 10 pages backward
  • M – Mark page for snap back
  • T – Pop back to last mark
  • 123G – Go to page

MuPDF is available for Windows, Linux,Mac OS X and Open BSD.

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Download MuPDF – Lightweight PDF Viewer.

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