How To Get New IMEI Number For Your Mobile With Invalid IMEI Number Under Genuine IMEI Implant(GII) Program

Genuine Imei Implant ProgramIndian Government has decided that it would begin to ban mobiles with invalid IMEI Numbers, across the country from November 30th 2009.If you bought a mobile and if you are not sure if it has a valid IMEI Number or not.You can check whether your mobile has valid 15 digit IMEI Number or not by sending a SMS.

The Global Systems for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) maintains a worldwide database of genuine IMEI numbers. This is activated and updated every 15 days in the Equipment Identity Register of mobile operators’ networks. The IMEI number is used to identify mobile calls.

How To Check Your Mobile Phone’s IMEI Validity :

  1. Firstly you need to find out your mobile’s IMEI number, which can be found using the following steps.

    On your mobile’s home screen, type in the following code “ *#06# ” (Without quotes).

  2. Next send the IMEI you found in Step 1, to 53232.

    For example, type IMEI 123456789012345 and send it to 53232. and Rs.3/- charge for each SMS.

You should get a reply as ‘Success’, if your IMEI number is Valid, otherwise the reply would be indicated as ‘Invalid IMEI’.

Incase you have a invalid IMEI Number on your handset you can get a new IMEI number for your mobile for Rs.199/- as part of the GII Program by The Government Of India at the Authorized Genuine IMEI Implant(GII) Centers.

If you have any more read the GII FAQ.

Update : The GII Program is now officially closed.

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