Improve Boring Firefox New Tab Window with New Tab King – Firefox New Tab Enhancement Addon

Firefox is definitely a popular browser everyone might have used once, what comes up starting a new tab is a blank new page with the URL to be typed in the address bar, but doesn’t that look boring.So here’s NewTabKing, Firefox Addon that can change the boring plain old firefox new tab with a more productive interface.


NewTabKing Addon gets the following on the new blank tab :

  • Access to most used websites in Firefox based on number of views in Days, Weeks and Months
  • Most viewed websites can be seen in Classic, Thumbnails and Analytics Style.
  • See your bookmarks when opening a new tab
  • See the recently closed tabs
  • Google search box
  • new website suggestions based on browsing history
  • Shortcuts to you desktops applications.
  • To Do List, for easy and short notes
  • 7 Themes to choose from

firefox-new-tab-king-optionsThe sidebar with to do list, notepad, suggested sites and system app shortcuts is also collapsible to let the most used websites use more screen area.The titles of the most visited websites can be edited by mouse hovering the WebPage Title and choosing the options.

This addon does get the best new tab interface for Firefox and wondering why Firefox developers have not thought of something like this as default for Firefox, where IE ,Opera and Google Chrome have something on their new tab instead of a blank tab.

Download New Tab King Fireffox Addon

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