Convert Multiple File Formats Into PDF Online Using PDF Converter makes PDF conversion processes simpler, Just upload the file you want to convert to PDF and wait for the conversion to complete and download the converted file or leave your e-mail id for receiving the converted file as an attachment. Incase you have multiple files to convert, just zip all the files and upload.The archived files would be unzipped and converted automatically.


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It can also convert any file on the web by providing the URL for the pdf file which wouldl be downloaded and converted automatically. Using the “Options” Watermarks can also be added to the created PDF,permissions like cannot edit, print, copy or modify can also be set to protect the PDF from modifications and also set the document resolution between ( 10 …2400 ) and choose the output format.


Currently Freepdfconvert supports 68 formats ranging from Microsoft Office Files (including Office 2007 formats), Vector Graphics Formats, Image files.. etc.

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