How To Place Google Ads In Between Post Content In WordPress

Google Adsense Publishers try different ad placements, google-heatmapfor improving the CTR and most publishers place ads below post titles and in sidebars and after the post content, but what many don’t try is placing ads in between the post body/text.

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That’s because it is not that easy to place ads in between the post content.You can use the Adsense Now WordPress Plugin, that makes it easy with just simple copy paste of Adsense Code and selecting the location where you need to place the adsense ads.It can place not only in the middle but also at the top and bottom of the page and enforces the Google policy of not more than three ad blocks per page.

You can also choose where the ads must be placed and the placement position and alignment of ads can also be chosen, and suppressed on unwanted locations


Ads can be placed one.,

  • Pages ( Posts Pages)
  • Attachment Page
  • Home Page
  • Front Page
  • Category Pages
  • Tag Pages
  • Archive Pages

Download Adsense Now WordPress Plugin

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