Port Forward Your Router Using Simple Port Forwarding

Port Forwarding is not easy for everyday home users, Port forwarding is the process that your router or firewall uses to sort the right kind of network data to the right port allowing an outside user to access a certain port for communication. Doing this generally requires changing the default router settings which can be difficult at times.

Simple Port Forwarding automates the process of port forwarding without much user interaction.This $15 tool is now a freeware and It support 54 types of routers.The program has a large database of known ports for over 600+ games and programs,finding your program in this list is highly probable.


You can also set your IP to static or back to DHCP.When DHCP is enabled your IP address can change and thus brea the port forwarding. By setting your IP to static it never changes and the port forwarding can work.Set your IP to Static From Tools –> Set Your Computer’s IP to Static.

Simple Port Forwarding v2.0.2 works on the following routers:

  • (All Routers With Tomato v1 Firmware)
  • 2Wire – 2701HG-D (Qwest Firmware)
  • Actiontec – GT701 v2 (Qwest Firmware)
  • Actiontec – GT701WG v2 (Qwest Firmware)
  • Actiontec – M1000 (Qwest Firmware)
  • Actiontec – MI424WR (Verizon FiOS Firmware)
  • Actiontec – R1520SU (Qwest Firmware)
  • Belkin – F5D7230-4 v9 (Belkin Firmware)
  • Belkin – G Plus MIMO F5D9230-4 v5 (Belkin Firmware)
  • Belkin – G Plus MIMO F5D9231-4 v1 (Belkin Firmware)
  • Buffalo – WZR2-G300N (Buffalo Firmware)
  • D-Link – DI-624 (D-Link Firmware)
  • D-Link – DIR-655 (D-Link Firmware)
  • Edimax – AR-7064 A (Edimax Firmware)
  • Edimax – BR6104K (Edimax Firmware)
  • Gnet – IP0006 (Gnet Firmware)
  • Linksys – BEFSR11 (Linksys Firmware)
  • Linksys – BEFSR41 (Linksys Firmware)
  • Linksys – BEFSR81 (Linksys Firmware)
  • Linksys – BEFSRU31 (Linksys Firmware)
  • Linksys – BEFW11S4 (Linksys Firmware)
  • Linksys – RT31P2 (Linksys Firmware)
  • Linksys – WAG354G (Linksys Firmware)
  • Linksys – WRT110 (Linksys Firmware)
  • Linksys – WRT150N (Linksys Firmware)
  • Linksys – WRT160N v2 (Linksys Firmware)
  • Linksys – WRT300N (Linksys Firmware)
  • Linksys – WRT310N (Linksys Firmware)
  • Linksys – WRT54G (DD-WRT v23 SP3 Firmware)
  • Linksys – WRT54G (Hyperlite Firmware)
  • Linksys – WRT54G (Linksys Firmware)
  • Linksys – WRT54G (Satori-4.0 Firmware By Sveasoft)
  • Linksys – WRT54G2 (Linksys Firmware)
  • Linksys – WRT54GL (Linksys Firmware)
  • Linksys – WRT54GS (Linksys Firmware)
  • Linksys – WRT54GX2 (Linksys Firmware)
  • Linksys – WRT54GX4 (Linksys Firmware)
  • Linksys – WRTP54G (Linksys Firmware)
  • Microsoft – MN-700 (Microsoft Firmware)
  • MSI – RG60G (MSI Firmware)
  • NetGear – DG834 v3 (NetGear Firmware)
  • NetGear – DG834G v2 (NetGear Firmware)
  • NetGear – RP614 v2 (NetGear Firmware)
  • NetGear – RP614 v4 (NetGear Firmware)
  • NetGear – WGR614 v5 (NetGear Firmware)
  • NetGear – WGR614 v6 (NetGear Firmware)
  • NetGear – WGR614 v7 (NetGear Firmware)
  • NetGear – WGR614 v9 (NetGear Firmware)
  • NetGear – WNR834B v2 (NetGear Firmware)
  • NetGear – WPN824 v2 (NetGear Firmware)
  • NetGear – WPN824 v3 (NetGear Firmware)
  • Nexxt Solutions – NW230NXT14 (Nexxt Firmware)
  • Sagem – FST3202 (Livebox Firmware)
  • Trendnet – TEW-632BRP (Trendnet Firmware)
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    Note : Few Anti-virus Software’s, raise a false-positive showing this tool as a Virus, but the author claims to say that the tool is clean and can get the file scanned by the anti virus maker.

    You could also follow the guides for various router models if you want to port forward manually, and check out the list of ports for various applications that need port forwarding.

    Compatible With : Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 & Requires Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher

    Simple Port Forwarding : Download

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