Ciano Dock – Portable Circular Application Launcher

Application launcher and application docks make it easy to launch app from a single interface, with the need to navigate through different folder for the executable or navigate the start menu in windows.There are quite a few such application launchers like

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CianoDock Application Launcher is a portable application launcher which is very customizable and has a circular interface.All the icons and the background of the launcher can be easily changed by simply dragging and dropping a image of your choice of the launcher.

To launch the application just press “Ctrl + >” which is the default keyboard shortcut and which can also be changed from the program settings by right clicking on the Ciano Dock’s tray icon or right clicking on the launcher interface and selecting Settings.

Note : If you plan to use the portable version of the app make sure you keep a copy of the setting.ini file because on updating this file would be overwritten and you would loose your custom settings.

CianoDock it’s compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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