How To Preview Images In Windows Context Menu

xnview Windows OS by default can preview images using the Windows Picture Viewer, but that requires opening each image individually or using the thumbnail view in folders, which just shows the thumbnails.

If you work a lot with images some of the common tasks that you would do would be resize , convert images into different formats, rotate images, upload images, etc.,

Xnview shell extension enables users to view the preview of an image from the Windows Context Menu on right clicking on any image in the context menu.It also offers some common options for playing around with images like Converting images into 7 different formats ( GIF, BMP, JPG, PCX, PNG, TIF, TGA ), Set the image as desktop wallpaper either centered or Best fit to desktop, Uploading the image to Online Image Uploading site ImageShack.

Clicking the “Image Preview” in the context menu will open the image using the default applications associated with the filetype or using a Image viewer/editor defined by the user in the XnView Options.

The “Thumbnail Size” in the context menu can also be set in the Options Window and the unwanted menu items can be removed from the context menu by selecting/deselecting them under Displayed Menu Options.If you want to paste the image into any application you can directly copy the image into the clipboard from the context menu, instead of opening the document in any image editing application and then copying the image.

Ability to resize images from context menu can be very handy addition to this shell extension.

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