Promote Old Posts While Your Away From Blogging

Are you taking a break from blogging for a few due to exams, or due to work.You can promote your old posts in the mean time alng with a few drafts scheduled.To promote your old posts,  you could use a plugin called “Old Post Promoter” which lets you promote old posts by sending them back onto the front page and into the RSS feed.


The plugin promotes older blog posts by reviving them and returning them to the front page and sending them back in to the RSS feed. The Old Post Promoter randomly chooses a post from the past and updates the publication timestamp on the post based on the post age that can be set how old a post must be to be eligible for the post promotion process.
Plugin Options :

  • You can also omit posts from certain categories from promotion.
  • Minimum interval between old posts promotions.
  • Randomness interval
  • Post age

Do not use this plugin if your WordPress Blog’s permalink structure includes dates!

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    Thanks… I am glad to see other people are finding this plugin as useful as I do.

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