How To Assign and Manage HotKeys For Launching Applications Faster

Windows lets users create Keyboard shortcuts for launching applications using hot-key combinations, but the problem comes with remembering all the shortcuts created for each application.

Qliner is a free application hotkey management tool, that lets you create new qliner hotkeys by dragging and dropping them on the onscreen keyboard.It’s also easy to check the assigned hotkey for the applications even if you forget the keyboard shortcut for launching an application, holding the Windows key for several seconds, or pressing Win + Z shows the on screen keyboard with the hotkey assignments. It is an easy tool to look up existing key combination’s.

QLiner is extendable with tools ( plugins ) which can bring added functionality into QLiner.

  • Qliner Zip is a complement program which is compatible with QLiner which bring Archive Commpression and Decompression into the interface of QLiner.
  • QLiner Screenshot which allows taking screenshot for the purpose of tutorials etc.,

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Features :

  • Smart application switching
  • Smart document, folder, web site and mail contact opener
  • On screen keyboard
  • Drag & drop to configure hotkeys
  • Use to quickly look up key combinations.

Qliner is not limited to just applications but shortcuts to applications, games, webpages, files and folders can also be added.

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