Remove Windows OS Restrictions After Virus Infection Removal With Virus Effect Remover

Virus can sometimes cause some of the Windows OS features to be disable after their removal, or be the reason for some features to be disabled, You can fix such problems with Virus Effect Remover, which helps detect and remove the effects of virus from windows registry and file system caused by virus and enables the Blocked content like task manager , registry editor, folder option etc. in simpler words helps remove virus manually and overcome all restriction which a virus did in your System.

Similar to XP Tools, It also brings together the most commonly used Windows tasks under one roof, making it easy.The inbuilt registry backup tool, lets you take a backup and restore backup’s easily.

Features :

  • Blocks Auto Run from removable media and fixed media.
  • Unlocker – to remove locked files.
  • File & Folder Options
  • Shows currently running process
  • Startup processes
  • Windows Repair Tools – Dr.Watson and System File Checker
  • Removes all restriction which a virus does.

Virus Effect Remover2

Download Virus Effect Remover

Note : This is not a Virus Removal Tool, but one that removes all restriction which a virus did in your System, which an antivirus does not restore.

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