How To Resize and Edit Images Online Using PicResize

PicResize is an online image resize and image editing tool that can also apply effects to your photos like rotation,add effects and also resize images in terms of percentages, pixels, or to a custom size.The interface of the tool is simple and requires only 3 steps

  1. Just upload the photograph/image
  2. Set the output size of the image you want and
  3. [ Optional Step ] Select the effect if any and then
  4. Choose the output format type JPEG,PNG,GIF and click “Resize Pic”.


Pic Resize also supports batch resize, using which multiple files can be uploaded and all them can be resized at once and can be downloaded as a single zip file.It supports resize be 75% smaller, 50% smaller and 25% smaller can be saved as JPG, PNG or GIF.

All resize images are stored on their server for only 20 minutes after which the images are deleted.After successfully resizing the images can Save the image online and share it with your friends or use their advanced editor for more editing options where your image automatically loaded by clicking on the “Advanced Edit” Link.

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