Schedule Your System To Shutdown Automatically

You can save a lot on your power bills by shutting down or hibernating your computer after a process gets completed.Say when you start defragmenting your system it might take while and your not around the system your can schedule to either shutdown or hibernate when the process gets over using a light weight tool called DShutdown.

Features :

  • Remote shutdown
  • Intercept shutdown requests, initiated by the user or an application.
  • Shut down all Lan PCs when the server shuts down.
  • Password protection for remote shutdown.

A timer is also available to schedule a shutdown at a specific time, date or after a desired time limit.

DShutdown is compatible on Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/VISTA.

If you plan to use it on a single system, and find it a bit complex about what to set, you can check out Shutdown After, a simple to use Windows shut down scheduler.

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