How To Schedule When To Send / Receive Mails In GMail Using Boomerang GMail Plugin

GMail has a feature of Undo Send Mail In the GMail labs which stops the messages from being sent for a few seconds after hitting the send button.Boomerang for GMail is Browser Plugin (Google Chrome and Firefox) which helps takes GMail even further allowing users to schedules when to send / receive emails.It works with Gmail accounts and Google Apps / Hosted Gmail email accounts.

The scheduling lets schedule emails composed and drafted to be sent automatically at a later time.Users need not be signed into their account for the emails to be sent.Here are the steps for scheduling a email using Boomerang Gmail Plugin.

  1. Write a new message
  2. Click Boomerang’s “Send Later” button.
  3. Choose what time you want the message to be sent.
  4. Boomerang will automatically send the message at that time, using Gmail’s servers.

Note : The scheduled drafts would remain in the drafts folder untill they are auto sent and the drafts scheduled should not be opened or edited, else the would not be sent as scheduled and has to be rescheduled.

How to receive mails later :

Sometimes important emails are sent before as a reminder and such important emails get lost in the heap of emails that you keep on receiving.Incase you want to receive the emails later “Receive Emails Later” lets you schedule to receive the same email on the date of your choice.Here are the steps to schedule to receive mails later :

  1. Open a message and click Boomerang’s “Receive Later” button.
  2. Select a time when you want to respond to the message.
  3. Boomerang immediately archives the message and applies the Boomerang label to it.
  4. At the time you specified, Boomerang automatically moves the message back into your Inbox.
  5. Boomerang marks the email unread and starred.
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Boomerang for Outlook is also available but that is paid plugin.

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