How Create ScreenCasts For Creating a DEMO Videos By Recording Screen Activity

Recording screen activity as a short video can be useful for a demo or for uploading the video to online video sharing sites online screen recording tools like Screen Castle,BBFlashBack Express require internet connectivity, but in case you are not connected to internet or don’t have a commercial tool like SnagIt for screen recording, then you can try out the Screen to Video Recorder for easy and simple screen recording.

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Free Screen to Recorder allows recording screen in multiple ways and in multiple formats.Users can record the entire screen, selected region or selected window and save the recordings in 4 formats FLV, SWF,AVI and WMV.Audio can also be captured using the recording source.The video quality can be further customized from capture configuration settings like fps, resolution, audio bitrate, and video bitrate.

During the recording the mouse clicks can be easily identified by including the mouse pointer in the video.To include or not to include the mouse pointer can be customized under the “Mouse” option.Once the recording is started a taskbar icon is available to pause or end  the recording session.


To start recording select the capture mode and output video format and “Press Start”.Next select the capture window or drag and select the active region to be recorded and the output filename.

During the recording session a tray icon is available for pausing and stopping the recording.Right click the icon and select “Pause” or “Stop” to end the recording.The default keyboard shortcuts are “F9 – Pause” and “F10 – Stop”.

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Download Free Screen To Video.

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