How To Show Suggestions For Search As User Types Keywords In WordPress Search Box

Google Suggestions makes it easier and faster for searching, showing results as users start typing their keywords.Similar feature in any site makes it a easier option for visitors while searching, If you have a site powered by WordPress Platform then you can have a similar feature for your visitors by showing results as they start typing in the search box.

Search Light WordPress Plugin


Search Light adds a Find-As-You-Type Ajax dropdown-interface for the standard WordPress search.The instant results are ordered by articles, pages and images attached to posts are also shown in the search results.There are 4 visual themes which can be chosen to match your site design.It also supports thumbnail images of the features images attached to the posts which are shown in results.The position of the search results can be adjusted from the settings page.


Search Light Settings


The plugin by default does not have English as the text which is displayed in the search results, this can be changed from the plugins settings page and the number of results can also be changed as shown in the image below.The plugin should be functional out of the box, else check with the search parameters used by your theme for the search box and insert the search form id and search field id in the Advanced section of the settings page.

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Search Light Settings



Each post can be individually tagged or marked to hide in the Search Results displayed by setting the Search Light option in the Post Editor.

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This plugin makes search more simpler and easier to find what your visitors are looking for instead of going through search results, which they can still through by clicking the “ Show All Results “ in the search results displayed by the plugin.

Note : The Plugin Is No Longer Available In The WordPress Plugin Directory

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