SearchMyFiles – Portable Search Tool To Search For Files and Folders

Windows default search is slow as it uses the indexes to find files and folders, but incase the files your looking for are not the index there’s possibility of not finding the file even though it exits.Advanced options for Windows Search settings are also limited.searchmyfilesThere are alternate software for searching files on Windows like Search Everything, and also Desktop search tools for search engines.

SearchMyFiles is a portable search tool for finding files and folders in Windows as an alternative to “Win dows Search”.This tools also doubles up as a duplicate file finder, for identifying duplicate files on your machine.

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The search results can also be refined using options like

  • File contents – text in files,
  • File size
  • File attributes
  • File created/modified/ accessed time
  • depth of subfolders to search
  • folder to exclude from search

Incase you have lots of files on your machine, you can also restrict the search to a limited number of search results.It also supports wildcard searches and search results can be saved as list into text/html/csv/xml file, or copied to clipboard.

Keyboard shortcuts in search results :

  • F9 – To open select file
  • F8 – To open select folder
  • F7 – Open With [ To select application to open with with.]

or Right click on files in search results for more options.

Being a portable app this makes it even more easier to carry this app in USB drives and is compatible with all Windows OS.

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