How To Shorten URL’s Using Google URL Shortner Without Installing Google Toolbar

Google recently launched Google URL Shortener at which shortens long URLs so that they can easily be shared with friends on social networking and micro-blogging sites like Twitter etc.,but to use their service you need to install the Google Toolbar.Here’s are 2 ways in which you can use without installing their 2MB How to Shorten any URL Using Google Shortener –

  • Add the bookmarklet onto your browsers toolbar.
  • While you on the URL you want to shorten, Click on the bookmark and a small window with the shortened URL is displayed.

Source – Marklets

There’s also a Firefox addon that generates the shortened URL using Google URL Shortener Service and automatically copies the Shortened URL onto the clipboard.

Firefox Lite AddonGoogle URL Shortener Addon

Like many URL Shorteners Google’s Google Shortener also makes the URL’s with random characters, you can make URL’s with easy to remember slug’s using Decent URL.

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