How To Show Custom Message For Visitors During Maintenance of Your WP Blog

Did you have to keep your WP blog in offline mode, but generally “Page Cannot Be Found” is what would greet them.Now you can show a custom splash screen to your visitors with a timer to tell how long the site is down. User can customize their own splash screen or get a list of splash screen from author’s site.

offlinemode1 offlinemode2


Install the plugin as any other plugin, to put your WP blog in Offline Mode just goto Setting –> Offline Mode Settings –> Check “Enable Offline Mode” and select a splash screen, If feel it would an even greater plugin if we could upload our own images to be used in the splash screens.


The plugin is Compatible up to: 2.6.3 and works with WP 2.3.1 or higher.

Offline Mode Plugin : Download

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