How To Show A Leaving Page To Your Visitors On Clicking A External Link In Your Blog Post

Every blogger wants their users to subscribe to the blogs RSS Feeds or signup for the E mail Updates, but mostly after reading a post a reader tends to leave the external site pointing from the blog post. Some popular websites open up such links in new pages giving some warning message like you are leaving the blog and would be redirected to the external site in a few seconds.

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wp-redirectIf you are looking to have such a feature in your wordpress powered blog, here’s a plugin called WP Js External Link Info that can get this done with minimal hassle that can redirect all external links in posts, comments and author links to a redirection page.Users can also use the default redirection page or create a new redirection page with more modifications and options for the users.

On activation this plugin gives users 2 options under the plugins options page :

  1. To mention the path to the user created Redirect File.
  2. To enable/disable external links to open up in new browser window.

If the time for the redirection can be altered from the plugins options it could even more easier and would give users time to subscribe to RSS or for email updates or twitter updates etc., nevertheless a very good plugins.

Also check out [ RB Internal Links ] a wordpress plugin that makes it easy for interlinking between posts.

If you plan to try out this plugin, Do share if this has helped improve your RSS Subscribers or visitors time on site.
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