Insert SlideShow Of Recent, Popular and Featured Posts Easily Using SlideDeck – JQuery Plugin

SlideDeck is a jQuery based slideshow plugin that can display featured posts, recent posts, popular posts slider.It also has WordPress plugin which makes it very easy to insert a slideshow into a page/post or insert it into a theme template.It comes in 2 variants SD Lite and SD Pro Both versions offer a WP and JavaScript Library with some feature differences.slidedeck-slideshow-plugin

Install and activate the SlideDeck WP Plugin after that you would find a new SlideDeck button in the navigation bar on the left. There are 2 different categories of SlideDecks that can be created, a normal SlideDeck or a Smart SlideDeck.

Normal SlideDeck allows users to insert your recent posts, featured posts or popular posts in the deck automatically, whereas a SmartDeck allows selecting custom posts that you want to appear in the slidedeck.

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SlideDeck Lite Features :

  1. SEO Friendly
  2. Autoplay
  3. Slider Mode
  4. Full CSS Customization
  5. Free Minor Version Upgrades
  6. Custom Skins (2 in the free version)
  7. Graphical User Interface and
  8. Smart SlideDecks


To add a post to a Smart SlideDeck then open the post that you want to add to the SmartDeck in the editor and select the checkbox select the checkox – Feature This Post in SmartSlide Decks.


To preview any SlideDeck just go to the editor of SlideDeck from the naviagtion panel and click Preview or to insert the SlideShow into a theme, copy-paste the code snippet into your theme file.

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SlideDeck is compatible browsers Chrome 2+, FireFox 3.5+, Internet Explorer 7+, Opera 10.5+, Safari 4+ and if your for the WordPress Plugin then its compatible with Woprdpress 2.7+.

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