How To Have Snowfall on Your WordPress Powered Blog

snow_fall2 It’s Winter and Christmas nearing so here’s how you can have Snowfall right on your WordPress powered blog using these plugins, which let you create a virtual snowfall on your blog.Recently users now have a plugin that will have snowingeffect on blogs till January 2009.Here are 2 plugin for having a snowfall effect on self-hosted wordpress blogs.

Let It Snow!

Aen Ten has come up with a wordpress plugin Let It Snow that makes use of the script by Scott Schiller.

Installation :
  • To install, upload the folder “let-it-snow” with its contents to “wp-content/plugins/”
  • Activate the plugin in your admin panel.

Configuaration :

  • The snowfall is configurable by editing snowstorm.js.
  • If the snow is going under or covered by stuff on your page, you need to open up snowstorm.js and change = 2; at line 192 to something like = 999;.
  • More Configuartion of the script is available here.

Check out the plugin in action at the author’s blog.

Download Let It Snow ! Plugin


This plugin is easily customizable from the settings panel.It lets you choose the color and size of the snow flakes, It lets you have 2 types of snow flakes.There is no need to edit the code as is required in the previous plugin.The javascript snow effect is based on code by Kurt Grigg

Installation :

1. Download the wp-flake plugin below
2. Unpack the zip archive contents in your wordpress plugins folder (/wp-content/plugins/) and keep zip folders structure intact.
3. Enable the plugin in your WordPress Plugins admin page -> Flake.
Go to Options ->Flake and adjust the options if necessary and save.

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PLugin HomePage —  Download Wp-Flake

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