Split Firefox Windows Into Multiple Panes

Few days I posted a hack on how to split Browser Windows in 2 panes and browse 2 different sites at a time, But this hack could only split the browser windows into 2 parts.Split Browser is a Firefox plugin that can “split” your browser into multiple panels, enabling you to view multiple web pages simultaneously in the same Firefox window.

How to split browser:

  • Right click on the tab or anywhere on the page and find the “split tab to” context menu.
  • Select Split on “Menu Bar” and select Tile Tabs / Tile all tabs vertically / Tile all tabs vertically .

split-browser split-browser-ex

Features :

  • You can add as many split browsers as you like and place them anywhere on screen.
  • You can also revert all the split tabs back as tabs of a window.
  • You can also synchronize scroll between all split tabs .
  • You can also resize the split tabs.
  • Launch any new window within the split onto to anyside from the right-click context menu from with the window or tab.

The only problem I found was that the main windows from where you split would not have the scroll bars in some flash based sites.

Split Browser :  HomePageDownload Plugin

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