Creating Keyboard Shortcuts For Applications In Start Menu

Here’s how to use the start button as Speed-Dial for launching applications.You can assign shortcuts for upto 10 applications using this method.You can use the range of numbers from 0 – 9 .This Works only in the Classic Start Menu Style of Windows.

In the Classic Start Menu Above the programs menu, Application shortcuts are available.If the application you want is not present in the menu you can drag and drop it into the area.

For creating a speed dial for your application just rename the application by prefixing the it with a digit between 0 -9 and the application name after the digit.As shown in the image below.

To launch the application Press the Start Button + [ 0 – 9 ]. The number corresponding to the application.

Remember if you assign the same digit for more than 1 application, the application will fail to launch.

Update : This trick does not work in Widows Vista and Windows 7.

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