Xtremesplit – Free Portable File Splitter Joiner For Windows and Linux

I’ve recently shared an File Splitter for Linux, GNOME Split, which could not run on Windows and would become a problem for rejoining if the split files were to be shared with users working on Windows OS.To address this issue and incase you are facing a similar problem you can try XtremeSplit, which is a file splitter for Windows and also runs on Linux through Wine.

XtremeSplit is a portable app with a simple interface which can split large files into smaller files for easier transfer.It can also create self-extracting parts which makes rejoining the files even more easier and the receiver also need not have the app for rejoining the files. It is also very lightweight (298 kb) and can be carried on a USB key.

XtremeSplit creates MD5 digital signatures for checking the integrity of files reassembled and supports joining of split files of 28 other formats by other file splitters.It also supports Cutting and rejoining files over 4GB supported (on NTFS only).

To split and files into smaller chunks just drag and drop the file onto the XtremeSplit interface and the app should start splitting it.Before you do this there are a few things that need to be done.Firstly if you understand French that’s fine else you need to switch over to the other supported language ie., English which can be done by the following steps.

  1. Startup XtremeSplit
  2. Click on Options
  3. Click on the drop down beside – “Langue” and select “Anglias” for “English”.
  4. Click on “Save Parameters” for saving the settings and click “Apply”.
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Self Extracting parts are useful if you are sharing the files with windows users who can rejoin the file using the exe file, otherwise files can also be rejoined using XtremeSplit Join feature.

Files can be split in terms of files size of each split files or number of split files, which can be chosen from the Split Window.


How To Split Files :

  • Select the source file and the destination folder
  • Next how you want to split the file either by number of parts or file size
  • If you want to create a self extracting file check Xtreme-SFX Self Extractor (Optional)
  • Next Press “Split” button.


How To Join Split Files :

  • Select the Join Radio Button to change into Join Mode
  • Click “S” and browse and select the .001.xtm file
  • Click “D” and select the destination folder
  • Press “Join” to join the split files

Compatible Files Splitter – Xtremsplit v1.1 Cutkiller, HJSplit, FileSpliter 4.5 UltraSplitter, D-Koup v2.5, Chopper, KFK v3.8.0.30, EasySplit, Koup Koup, Koup Koup XP, File Splitter Deluxe, Splitter 4.0 maxsplit Pro 3.1, Splitter 3.1, Chainsaw, Hacha, EasyFileCut, CoupeFichier v1.1, Wind 1.75, Yoyocut v2.50, Winfrag Lite v2.0, v1.0 Cluster, Turbo Cut File v2.22, MaxSplitter 1.53, splitter v1.0, v2.1 and all SCIEB generic format unknown *. 001.

This application also run on Linux using the Wine Application on Linux and is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (32-bit and 64 bit).


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