5 Tools To Replace Windows Default Copy-Paste Functions

Windows copy paste can be even better with features like queuing copy, pause and resume, copy speed control.Here are 4 free tools that can replace the windows default copy-paste application and give copy-pasting in windows more functions.


KillCopy : KillCopy can for copy files by network and also copy files on local drives and You can copy any files and directories by right clicking on the fil and choosing KillCopy to.. to change target directory.
Features :

  • Adjustable Speed Limit and Buffer Size.
  • Drag&drop handler for faster copying using KillCopy.
  • Reserves space for file
  • Auto Resume Copy
  • Move Mode : Which will delete the source file after copy.
  • Copy Verfication
  • Parallel Copy.

Download KillCopy.


TeraCopy : simple tool for faster copying of files in Windows and gets called with default copy paste of windows.You can also copy and paste files from two hard drives or from USB drives. Teracopy is free for home users and is available for Windows XP/Vista.

Download TeraCopy.


Copy Handler :Copy Handler is an open source program that resides in memory and significantly enhances the copying or moving of large files in Windows.You can paste Copy Handler from its context menu entries.It can speed up transfers upto 6-7 times.You pause, resume, or stop the copying or moving process.Filtering and File “basket” features available to sort out what needs to copied and what not all at once before starting the copy process and the best part resume all unfinished operations when system starts.

Download Copy Handler.

SuperCopier : SuperCopier replaces windows explorer file copy and adds many features,Transfer resuming,Copy speed control,Copy speed computation ,Better copy progress display, Copy list editable while copying , Error log, Copy list saving/loading.You can also setup options on what to do when it encounters errors or if the file already exists.

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Download SuperCopier

FFCopy : FF Copy is a file queue transfer manager for windows networks. It allows you to add files to a copy/move transfer queue which will be downloaded one after another.This program is especially useful when you copy files over a VPN.

Features :

  • Easy uasge with drag+drop
  • Integrates with Windows Explorer shell
  • Copy or move tasks possible
  • Faster transfer speed due to non-parallel transfers
  • Force parallel transfers if needed
  • Pause and resume transfers at any time
  • Pre-Allocation of disk space to reduce disk fragmentation to almost zero
  • Shows status, size, percent progress, current download speed, estimated download duration and ETA.


Download FFCopy


  1. Joachim Otahal Reply

    Supercopier (v2.2beta) works best if you main goal is to limit copy speed and automatic queue up depending on source and dest.
    It can be set to NOT replace the default ctrl+c ctrl+v action and still be active on right-drag’n’drop.
    It is also the least annoying when trying to use it.

  2. Aaditya Singhania Reply

    Among the file transfer software that I’ve used, only GS RichCopy 360 works well. I have used other software including the names mentioned above I have experienced crashing in the middle of the operation which is very discomforting.

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