Transformation Packs To Transform Windows 7 To Android, Windows 7 Phone ( Mango ), Windows 8, Ubuntu 11.10, Mac OS Lion Pack

Android Skin Pack

Android the mobile OS from Google is popular with many mobile phone and tablet manufactures offering variants with Android as the OS.Did you like the Android user interface then how about a transformation of your desktop theme to Android, If you want to have a Android Theme for Windows 7, then try Android Skin Pack which is a transformation pack for Windows 7 to transform Windows 7 to Android.The transformation pack change the wallpaper, the colors of the windows, icons, the browser and installs a dock like the Mac OS.


Android Skin Pack


Windows Phone 7 Theme for Windows 7 –

Windows 7 Phone – Code Named – Mango is getting all the attention with mobile manufacturers coming out with Mango Devices, then to suite the Mobile Platform you can also have a similar User Interface on your Desktop with the Windows Phone 7 Skin Pack for Windows 7.


Windows Phone 7 Skin Pack


If you are using Windows XP, Vista, Linux then you can try these themes for transforming the UI to other OS Interfaces


Ubuntu Skin Pack For Windows 7

Transform Windows 7 to Ubuntu 11.10 ( OneiricOcelot ) using the Ubuntu Skin Pack, which changes the default Windows 7 user interface into a Ubuntu Interface.It supports all versions of Windows 7 and 32, 64 Bit as well.

Ubuntu Skin Pack

The Windows 7 64Bit is also available [ 64Bit – Download Link ], and the transformation pack for Win 7 supports Windows 7 , Windows 7 SP1

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If you are on WIndows XP, try the Ubuntu Skin Pack For XP

Apple’s Mac OS Lion – Transformation Pack

This Lion – Transformation Pack transforms Windows 7 into the Mac OS Lion User interface with a complete and easy to use setup.This pack can be downloaded from aswell.


Mac OS Lion Transformation Pack


This pack replaces the standard Windows 7 icons, Visual Styles, Backgrounds, Cursors, Sounds, Logon Screen, Adds RocketDock, Colorfolder, Modifies DLL files and install additional software to get the transformation running.

MAC OSX Like Desktop Icons Stack For Windows OS.

Circle Dock : Circular and Spiral Dock For Windows

Here’s a video showing the Lion Transformation Pack Installation :


Windows 8 Transformation Pack –

Windows 8 the next OS from Windows is getting all the interest after the recent Developer Preview Release, Developers are starting to release transformation pack which bring the Windows 8 styles to the current Windows 7.Windows 8 Transformation Pack 2.0 is one such pack, which bring the upcoming Windows 8 styles to Windows 7.

Windows 8 Transformation Pack


[ Note : ] –

  1. Before installing Skin Packs, do backup your computer to undo the changes.
  2. Skin packs make a lot of changes ( replace ) to the system files are difficult to uninstall or change if anything goes wrong if the installation is not proper or if proper administrative rights are not available.Such changes cannot be undone by system restore to revert the changes.
  3. Some Skin packs require that UAC (User Account Control) be disabled.
  4. Make sure to read the installation requirements before installing any such theme packs.


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