How To Uninstall Applications From Context Menu – Menu Uninstaller

Uninstallation of applications can be boring if you are have quite a few app which you installed.If a user is not aware on how to uninstall an application, then the most easiest way can be if there was a shortcut from the context menu on right clicking the application shortcut, this can be possible by an app called Menu Uninstaller.This app adds a “Uninstall” entry into the context menu which searches for the uninstaller of the application from which the click was made.

Here’s how this works :

Once you identified a program that you want to uninstall, just right click on the application shortcut and click on the “Uninstall” entry from the context menu as shown in the image below.

Menu Uninstaller

Next a conformation is asked for and the uninstaller is searched for, and a list of possible matches are shown with the best resulted selected by default.

Menu Uninstaller

This is a feature which I think Windows should have instead a choosing the long route of Uninstalling Programs from Control Panel.

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There are also quite a few other app like CCleaner, FCleaner, App Cleaner  which also have a option of uninstalling installed apps but “Menu Uninstaller” is the simplest and fastest.

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