2 Tools To Remind Users To Unplug USB Devices Before System Shutdown

USB Pen Drives are commonly forgotten left on to the systems, if forgotten in a public place like a cyber cafe, it could be lost.Today I share 2 tools that help you remind unplug the USB Drive :

  1. Flash Drive Reminder with a help of a popup window reminds you to unplug the usb drive after initiating a Windows Shutdown(Schedule Shutdown), so that you don’t forget your drive.
    The program adds a entry into the autoplay dialog window, when you insert a flash drive into a computer.There are 2 versions of the tool.,


    Standard Version : Shows a pop up window when Reminder starts, and stays open until usb drive plugged out.
    Quiet version only reminds you to unplug the USB Drive when you log off or shut down the computer.

    Download FlashDrive Reminder. flashrecall

  2. Flash Recall – This app reminds users to unplug USB Drives when ever a shutdown windows or logoff  is initiated by the current user. The program will show a popup-window and play a beep with the motherboard-speaker (if available).The app is available as a portable app, so that you can also use it on other systems to remind you to unplug your usb devices.Download FlashRecall

Both tools only run on Windows Machine.

Also read how you can Protect your system from virus spread through USB Drives.

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