Upload and Send Multiple Files Upto 2.5GB At Once Using SizableSend

sizableSending files to friends is mostly done by email attachments or by uploading them to file uploading (or) hosting sites like rapidshare etc and then sharing the links with other, but most services charge if you want to share huge files, but SizableSend is a free service that lets you send files upto 2.5 GB in size in one session at once and each file not more than 500MB.There’s also no waiting time for sending more files, once your upload session gets completed and bandwidth limits.

Features :

  • Send upto 2.5 GB in each upload session.
  • Upload five (5) files at once with each file not exceeding 500MB.
  • No waiting time, for uploading after session completion.
  • Queue up additional files during upload.
  • Unlimited usage.
  • Free Service.


To send files across using Sizable is a 3 step process.

  1. Enter your’s and the recipient’s  email id.
  2. Enter a message (optional)
  3. Click the “Select Files” button, Browse and select the file(s) (Select multiple files with Ctrl + Click)
  4. Click “Start Uploading”.

Once the upload gets completed the recipient will receive a download link to the file.

Upload files using SizableSend.

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