How To Eject USB Drives Faster – USB Disk Ejector

USB Disk Ejector is an easy to use software and makes ejecting USB Devices easier and faster.program the tools enables USB devices to be quickly ejected through a mouse click or keyboard press. It’s especially useful when dealing with multiple USB devices and for Windows users who don’t want the ‘Its now safe to remove this device’ dialog box to appear’.

eject-USB It works in both GUI and also in Command prompt.The command line options let you

  • Eject the drive that the program is running from.
  • Eject a drive by specifying a drive letter.
  • Eject a drive by specifying a drive name.
  • Eject a drive by specifying a partial drive name.

How to Use ?

  1. Load the program, if you have any removable USB devices they will be shown in the list.
  2. If you plug in any additional devices while the program is running then the list will automatically update to show them.
  3. Double click on a device to remove it.
    A message will only be shown if there is an error and the device cannot be ejected.
  4. Unplug the device from your computer.

USB Disk Ejector - UnPlug USB Drives

Command Line Options :

  • /?
    Displays a dialog that shows all command line options.
    Stops balloon messages from appearing when the program is run in GUI mode.
    Shows the standard ”It is now safe to now safe to remove” message when a drive is ejected. This message is disabled by default.
    Ejects the drive that the program is running from. Eg if the program is run from a usb stick on drive G then drive G would be ejected.
    Ejects the specified drive letter. Eg /REMOVELETTER G
    Ejects the drive with the specified name. Eg /REMOVEDRIVE “Sandisk U3 Titanium”
    Partial name matching is possible if a wildcard (*) is used. Eg /REMOVENAME “*SANDISK” would eject a drive that had Sandisk in its name.
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USB Disk Ejector works on Windows OS.


  1. Rakesh Kumar Reply

    Sometimes USB process is still running in background and to complete that process we need wait. Well but this tool we can really remove it very fast. Thanks

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